How to Mod Baldur’s Gate III

Mods in Baldur’s Gate III are usually *.pak extension files located inside a local folder, but they can also be single files or even dll’s.

So if you want to know howto mod BG3, keep reading and dont skip a step.

This guide will try to walk with you among the process of modding your game in the most safe way.

Please, remember that modding your game is always a risk, and you may encounter issues during your playtime.

Setting up the environment

First of all, you need to execute your game at least once, this is as simple as create a new play through, a new character, and walk a bit on the first area. This will create essential files and directories but most importantly, you will be able to test if your game runs just fine, so we don’t inherit any issues in the modding process.

If you are sure your game works just fine without mods, please go ahead to Steam:

-> Library -> Baldur’s Gate III -> RightClick -> Properties -> Updates -> select [Only update this game when i launch it]

Only update this game when I launch it
Steam update options

This will cease Baldur’s Gate III from being automatically updated upon steam start, and only will if game is launched via steam manually.

This save us from Day 0 issues between patches/hotfixes and modded savegames.

Once this is done, please download  Baldur’s Gate III Mod Manager by LaughingLeader




There are also other mod managers such as Vortex, the official mod manager of, but some incompatibilities may arise, so i’ll stick to BGMM, a wonderful tool that is continuously updated and actively supported by its author.

Grab the latest release, and unzip it in a isolated directory outside of [Program files] , and far away from [Baldurs Gate III] folder.

[My Documents] is a safe bet.

You do not need to install it, just run it and it will probably detect automagically your game data folder and executable path, as soon as it loads, please press [Ctrl + P] and ensure the following:


Game data path should be something similar to
» C:/Steam/steamapps/common/Baldurs Gate 3/Data

Game executable path in its case, similar to:
» C:/Steam/steamapps/common/Baldurs Gate 3/Bin/bg3.exe


Checkboxes :

+ Disable Launcher Warnings
+ Enable DirectX 11 Mode
+ Skip Launcher
– Launch through Steam

Preferences options on BG3MM
Preferences options on BG3MM

Modders scene on BG3 usually uses DirectX11 for testing its mods, but you are free to use Vulkan if you want to, just untick DirectX11 checkbox.

Click [Save] and check that in the main window hotbar, the dropdowns are as follows:


> Profile: Public
> Mod Order: Current
> Campaign: Main / Gustavdev

If they are empty, open the game until you reach the main menu and exit.
BG3MM hotbar details

Now that we do have our BG3MM ready, we need to install [Script Extender] its time to [Ctrl + Shift + Alt + T] and start SE installation procedure, just click OK until done.

Install prompt

 Script Extender adds Lua/Osiris scripting support to the game,
Norbyte, its author, continuously updates it and without his job, the vast majority of mods would not work at all.

> You’ll notice that SE may fail to work when a new game patch is released, and installed. This is the main reason we have partly disabled autoupdates for BG3. So you can still play BG3 until SE and all of your mods have been updated.

> Do not ever blame Norbyte about delays on updates on this matter as we are in debt with him, he does this in his spare time and does not get any kind of reward rather than our simplest thank you.

Downloading Mods: is our source of mods, and you will need an active account to login and download them, in this example we are downloading ModFixer our second and last mandatory mod, do not believe anyone that claims that ModFixer is not required or that is causing issues. It is required, and can’t cause any kind of issues.

So please, login into and go visit :




Always do read the description page of your selected mod, as it may describe important information about additional installation instructions or steps related to the mod or its usage. 90% of answers regarding mod issues are solved in the description page.


Click on Files tab and later on Manual Download as we are not using Vortex Manager the Mod Manager Button is not for us.

Manual Download

Mod installation procedure:

Now that we have downloaded our first mod, we can simply click on it and drag it into BG3MM window, this will automagically unzip the mod placing it in its correct place. A message in the statusbar of main window will confirm the installation.

Drag & Drop of downloaded file

In case you need to do it manually, simply press Ctrl + 1, this will open the mod folder path, it’ll be similar to:

> C:\Users\USER\AppData\Local\Larian Studios\Baldur’s Gate 3\Mods

Be sure to only place *.pak files in this folder.
Any other filetype will cause game to crash.

Click [Refresh] or [F5] and you will find Modfixer in a subsection named Overrides in the Active Mods panel in your main BG3MM window, on the other side you will find the Inactive Mods panel with two entries Honour and DiceSet_06.

You’ll easily notice that you can click & drag mods from the inactive panel to the active one. That’s the proper way to activate or deactivate mods, just remember to not activate those two particular ones named Honour and DiceSet_06, as they are part of the game, and will be automatically used if needed.

Now press [Save Order] or simply [Ctrl + S] this will save your load order to a local file, so you can recover it if needed, note that you can have different load order lists under Mod Order dropdown in case you have more than one load order, useful to play different campaigns, or multiplayer setups.

Last configuration step is to export your load order to the game so it can load specified mods.
Press Export Order to Game in Hotbar, or Ctrl + E

Dragging mods from active to inactive, saving and exporting.
 [Save order] also exports it to game but, [Export order to Game] will not save your load order to a handy file, beware of not saving your exported changes.
Icon location in BG3MM

You can now launch your modded game via BG3MM without using steam, this is only necessary if you are trying to launch your game without updating it.

Use any of the following:
[Ctrl + Shift + G]
Menu Go -> Launch Game
Game icon in Shortcuts area of BG3MM hotbar.

You will obviously want to use more mods rather than the mandatory ones, so you are free to browse and grab some, you can install them the same way as ModFixer.
Remember to read mod description and do check if mod has any dependencies.

You will notice as you start to install mods that some of them are grayed in a orange shade, and particularly all of the Overrides section, this kind of mods are always active, even if they are deactivated, the only way of uninstalling them, is to delete them, or place them outside of your mods folder.

There are two kind of mods not compatible with BG3MM you’ll notice because they come in rar format instead of being a zip file.

Loose files

Loose files are the ones that come unpacked, you’ll need to follow instructions from their mod description page on nexus, but in general terms, this kind of files go unzipped inside `Data` folder, and they are always active, it is needed to manually remove the files to uninstall this kind of mods.

C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Baldurs Gate 3\Data

Bin related

Some mods like Native Camera Tweaks are Dll based , you’ll need to follow its instructions carefully inside your bin folder. This kind of mods are aswell always active, and need to be manually deleted to be uninstalled.

C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Baldurs Gate 3\bin

Final considerations:

If you have reached this end, you’ll now have a working and modded installation.

Remember not to uninstall mods in the middle of a playthrough, and neither modify the load order.

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